Alyssa’s 30 for 30 is only a couple weeks away! And I want to keep encouraging your guys to come out and support her and her cause the ZGiRLS. ZGiRLS is a mentoring program for the development of youth female athletes (See video). Founded by Olympic and NCAA athletes, ZGiRLS has helped over 1,200 girls across the country build the confidence they need to chase down their dreams.

Even if you don’t know Alyssa well, come out and play with other members of the community. Get to know them and her better because she’s pretty cool. (Though she may be kinda tired from the crillion workouts to socialize much.)

Here is the 30 for 30 sign up sheet. Put your name next to the workout(s) you’d like to do in support of this event. There is no limit to the amount of workout buddies so even if all the given spaces are filled, know that you’re welcome to still come. We just wanted to get a good idea.

Here is the link to her fundraiser for ZGiRLS. Though she is doing the 30 for 30 in honor of her 30th birthday, she wanted to use it as an opportunity to raise money for this great cause that’s she’s so involved in. You can give any amount — it all helps. I’m giving $30, a dollar for each workout she completes. I have no doubt she’ll complete all 30!

Friday’s Workout

For Time:
Assault Bike Cals (30/20)
30 D-Ball Ground to Over Shoulder (100/70)
30 Burpee Box Jump Overs (32/24)
Assault Bike Cals (30/20) (10-minute cap)

Monday’s Workout
Mental Toughness

400m Run
30m OH Plate Walking Lunges (45/25)
800m Run
30m OH Plate Walking Lunges
1 mile Run
30m OH Plate Walking Lunges (30-minute cap)

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