It’s needed all the time.. or I should say, life might flow a bit better while practicing patience. Patience is something I feel I’m always trying to work on and it’s needed in all areas of life. It’s the ability to be calm and delay gratification. It’s understanding there is a right time and place for everything. I’ll share just a few opportunities that I get to practice patience in my life. Standing in the grocery store line that just won’t move, call in some patience.  Waiting for the Verizon people to arrive during the 8-2pm window they gave me, call in some more patience. Coaching adults and children as they learn new skills, patience wins again. Olympic lifts like the clean and snatch, call in patience so I don’t pull early. Muscles ups, yep, patience again, as my arms like to do the muscling that my hips should be doing. It’s really all over.

As we move our way through this cycle I encourage you to see where patience might be a skill in the gym, be it in a movement, a workout or the entire class. Patience is something that can give us more peace of mind. Instead of getting frustrated or angry when things don’t work out how we wanted, we can find some calmness in waiting for the right time for things to happen. We have to chose patience as we move through life in the time of instant gratification. 

Wednesday’s Workout

A) 1-Rep Max TGU (15 minutes)

Rest 5 minutes

B) “Tear Down That Wall”
25 Med Ball Push Press (20/14)
25 WB Sit-ups


Thursday’s Workout
A) EMOM 15:
Min 1: Strict Pull-ups (single set)
Min 2: Core/Midline
Min 3: More Core

B) 5 Rounds for Consistency:
:60 Ski Erg
:60 DB Thrusters
:60 Double Unders
:60 Rest

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