Squat Stance…Go wider. Yeah, wider than that. Nope. WIDER!!

We want to make sure you guys are keeping your stance wide! By doing this, you place a greater emphasis on your glutes, hamstrings and lower back.




Here are some more benefits to box squatting:

  • You always know how low you’re going. It’s very common for people to start scaling their depth once they start putting on heavier weights, the box will keep you honest.
  • For those that lack mobility and/or motor control, this can help to bring about awareness and improve your squatting mechanics.
  • Squatting on a box breaks the eccentric/concentric chain. This is one of the best ways to develop explosive strength – the ability to exert maximal force in minimal time.


On another note, how much rest do we need between sets? Only take 45 to 60 seconds rest between sets and use compensatory acceleration – A training methodology in which an athlete deliberately tries to accelerate the bar throughout the concentric phase of the movement (the upwards phase of a back squat), instead of applying less force to a lift because the load is lighter. Essentially, be as explosive as you can coming out of the bottom!!


The takeaway from this: An athlete must be able to generate a combination of the two, FORCE = MASS X ACCELERATION. For example, when the load is heavy, there will be an increase in muscle tension and resistance. The same applies when an athlete is using a lighter load, but is moving the weight with a higher acceleration. 


So, if you feel the box squat weight your using in our programming is light, be more explosive and lift it faster. This is necessary in order to elicit the same amount of force needed to lift HEAVY ASS WEIGHT!


Oh, and make sure your squat stance is WIDE!


That is my rant on BOX SQUATS 🙂




What is Compensatory Acceleration Training and how can it help you get stronger?


Tuesday – Practice

A) 5 Rounds on the 2:00
10 DBall Sumo Deadlift
Max Effort T2B

250m Row
7 SA DB Hang Clean L(45/30)
7 SA DB Front Squat L
7 SA DB Hang Clean R
7 SA DB Front Squat R

Wednesday – Competition 

15 Minutes – 1RM TGU

Rest 5 Minutes  

“Tear Down That Wall”
25 WB PP (20/14)
25 WB Sit up


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