It’s a new year and it’s a new season for Oak Park Triathlon!
There are two very different training programs and events to consider:

The Half Iron Team will be looking for members who want to test their endurance and mental toughness over this long distance format.  This 14 week program will bring back the perennial Oak Park triathletes and hopefully spark intrigue into first timers.

The Short Course Team will be apart of a new legacy that will be participating in the re-boot of the Los Angeles Triathlon. This epic event will run point to point; staring in Venice Beach and finish at LA Live in Downtown!  The 12 week program will also bring back seasoned triathletes, but do not be intimidated – the training program will embrace newbies with private swim workouts, detailed clinics and a lot more!

Before you scroll down to view the upcoming workouts…..Check out these awesome flyers for details!  Oh, and hit me up if you are ready to start or have any questions:

A) Ski Erg Sprints for:
max wattage
max calorie
max 500m pace

B) EMOM 6:
O: CTB Max Effort
E: D-Ball Chest Hold

C) 15 min for total distance as team:
Ski Erg
200m suitcase carry


A) Box Squats

B) 5 Rounds:
6 Sit-to-Stands
8 Muscle Snatches
(6-minute cap)

40 Double Unders
6 Tempo Dips / Tempo Push-ups

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