How come every time I tell someone how much I love/miss step class, the majority of the people say the same? Where are the mother-loving step classes in LA? I’ve been saying this for seven years, btw. I taught a handful of step classes here at the gym when I had Diz’s Card Mob class, but maybe some day I’ll have a regular class. And if you think step is simply shiny thongs and leg warmers, you got another plyometric thing coming.

I’ve been following Xtreme Fitness by Phil and doing some of his step routines at home. They’re so fun — and not easy! Anyway, keep exploring. Keep having fun. And Happy Weekend.

Friday’s Workout

5 Rounds for Fewest Breaks:
4 Toes-to-Bar
3 Pull-ups
2 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups
1 Bar Muscle-up

Saturday’s Workout

In teams of 3 for total distance:
Run 400m
Ski Erg (meters)
Row (meters)
Rotate through stations each time a teammate completes the run.

Sunday’s Workout

In teams of 2, 1 person working at a time.
4 RFT of:
40 Cal Assault Bike
30 Front Squats (135/95)
20 Shoulders to OH (135/95)
50 Sit Ups

Monday’s Workout

6 Rounds on the 3:00
6 DB Power cleans
3 Breaths
8 FR DB Rvs lunges
3 Breaths
12-16 V-ups

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