Welcome back, everyone! For those who celebrated holidays in December, I hope you had joyous celebrations. For those of you who stayed in town, I hope you enjoyed the reduced traffic (I know I did – my commute on the 10 was a dream for about 6 days).


We have a couple of days this week to get back into the groove. Next week is Test Week, so prioritize movement, fuel, rest & recovery so you can give it your all on the tests you choose to take next week. I will finalize the programming for Cycle 19 this weekend and have a link up on the Members Page so you can get a preview of what is to come and plan accordingly. Until then, enjoy the rest of this week!




A) Pose & Running Cadence Drills/Refresher

B) Work capacity: “Decontructed Helen”

     6 RFQT

     200m Run

     :30 Rest

     11 RKBS Swing (32/24)

     :30 Rest

     6 Pull-Ups

     1 min Rest



In It 1 Minute To Win It!

:60 Max Box Jumps (24/20)

4 mins Rest

:60 Max Pull-Ups

4 mins Rest

:60 Max Sit-Ups

4 mins Rest

:60 Max Push-Ups

4 mins Rest

:60 Max Burpees Over Box (24/20)

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