A paper published this month in The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research looked at the question of whether the music you listen to affects your performance while doing resistance training. The participants in this study either listened to music they preferred or music they did not prefer during an AMRAP of Bench Press at 75 percent of their 1-rep max. The participants were measured on total number of reps completed, as well as mean velocity, mean power, peak velocity, peak power, and motivation. Each of these metrics increased – with motivation showing the highest increase – when the participants listened to their preferred music. The study size was small, but the results are interesting to me. It is not too surprising that listening to your preferred music increases your motivation – I think we have all experienced that. But it is somewhat surprising to me that it actually resulted in difference in force production and power output – that lifting weights while listening to music you enjoy has a physiological effect, not just a psychological one.




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