Saturday Night – Oak Park Holiday Party 7PM-???


Monday’s Workout

A) Breath Capacity
800m Run (Progressive Gears: 1-5)

B) Work/Movement Capasity
MB TABATA This :20:10

Lateral MB Throws

Station #2
MB Up and Overs

Station #3
MB Burpess

Station #4
MB Air Squat Holds


Tuesday’s Workout

A) Movement Capacity: 
     Lunge + HSPU

B) Movement + Work Capacity: 
     For Time: (25 Minute Cap)
     2K Row
     40 DB Lunges (50/35)
     20 HSPU

     1K Row
     20 DB Lunges
     10 HSPU

     500m Row
     10 DB Lunges
     5 HSPU

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