Friendly Reminders

Hi guys! Hope you all had a nice, long, family/friend filled Thanksgiving break! I know I did.

Just wanted to send a couple reminders your way of a few things going on over the next few weeks.

Holiday Party
Date: December 8th
Time: 7pm
Location: Gym
Tacos, dancing, free drinks and a photo booth!!

Holiday Schedule
December 17th through the end of the year, we will be be having a limited class schedule.

Specific dates and times to be announced soon.

There only 36 DAYS LEFT in 2018. That’s 36 days left for you to accomplish any and all last minute goals, that you set for yourself this year. 36 days to try something new. 36 days to do something nice for someone. 36 days to read a new book. But most importantly, 36 days to decide what you want out of 2019. Talk to your coach. We’re here to help you along your journey. 

It’s a new week. Fresh start. Get after it. 

Tuesday – Practice 

A) Movement Capacity: Thruster Find Heavy 3

Thruster = Front squat + OH Press

B) 8 Rounds For Time: (8 MIN CAP)
5 Thrusters (135/95)
50 DU

Wednesday – Practice

A) Dry Land Swimming
4 Rounds for the Experience:
12/8 cals AB @ 90-95% RPE
3 Breaths
Max distance Farmer’s Carry on breath hold / exhale
Rest coach’s interval
*3 Rounds breath hold as you want,
*1 Round breath hold on exhale

B) Work Capacity 8 RFT:
Row cals (20/16)
10 Burpees to Target
Rest 2 minutes b/t rounds

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