I was corresponding with one of my remote nutrition clients over the weekend and she remarked that she had just gotten through the hardest week of her grown-up life. My first instinct was to console her with an, “Oh, I am so sorry you had such a difficult week.” But as I started to type that reply it felt wrong. It was sympathetic, yes, but not what I really felt. Instead of that false sympathy, I instead wrote to her about how excited I was for her to have struggled through the most difficult week of her life and come out the other side alive, intact, and victorious. Sure, it was a hard week, but you made it! You won, the circumstances around you didn’t win. As we talked more, we both gained a deeper understanding of how important that shift in thinking can bring about such a different sense of how an event felt. Champion instead of victim. Conqueror instead of conquered. And it was a reminder to me of how powerful our words can be when they are directed at one another. We help shape one another’s perceptions, for good or for ill, whether we intend to or not. Knowing that, what can you do this week to help someone frame their circumstances in more positive ways?




A) 3 Rounds on the 5:00 for total meters or Quality!

     15 Air Squats

     10 Tempo Romanian Deficit KB DL (32/28)

     8 Askew Push Ups

     Row for max meters in time remaining

     *4-min cap on work per round*

B) Bench Press

     PEAK: 5×5 @ 80%

     BASE: 5×8 (by feel)



A) EMOM 10:

     2 Hang Power Snatch + 3 Power Snatch (Touch-and-Go)

B) Reflections

C) AMRAP 12 “Upshift/Downshift”

     5 Snatches (Gear 4-5)

     15 Pull-Ups (Gear 4-5)

     200m Run (Gear 3)


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