Aerobic Threshold (AT) Interval Training 

When tasks require you to be at your aerobic limit for an extended period of time, it can be a precarious situation.  The likelihood of “redlining” can and will happen!  Programing high intensity work and measuring the work to rest ratio’s become an art form equal to the task. 

Case in point… Professional Cycling Team Time Trail.  Six riders working at their aerobic thresholds or at power output indicative of that metric.  The cyclist are at their AT’s for an hour+, but are able to use the “draft” (less power output) for brief moments while taking short respites when not at the front of the pack.  While reviewing rider’s blogs – they regularly perform AT intervals at ratios of 3:1…for example, for every 3mins of AT work, they allow only 1min of recovery – thus training for and anticipating for expedient recoveries. 

This video is a prime example of an athlete at “full gas” trying to stay with his team.   You’ll note his size is considerably larger than his counter parts.  His role was to pace the team on the flatter sections like a “diesel engine” leading up to the hill where the video begins.  At this point his job is done as you’re allowed to drop a rider and still finish as a “whole” team.  But on this day, “dude man” is not gonna abandon his team.  Notice how quickly he hit’s the “wall” and only takes a brief respite and then is able to re-join his mates!

How quickly can you recover?


A) Mobility (Pec focus) (8 minutes)


B) Dry Land Swimming 2-4 Rounds:

9 Banded OHS (red or blue)

7 KB Swings (32/24) @ G4-G5

5 Double KB DLs (32/24) @ G3-G4

Max Distance Farmer’s Carry on Exhaled Breath (24-minute cap)


C) Bench Press

PEAK: 6 x 5 @ 75%

BASE: 5 x 10 (by feel) (18 minutes)


A) 2 Rounds For Time:

800m Run

30 Pull Ups

40 Push Ups

(18 Minute Cap)


B) Reflect (5 Minutes)


C) Sumo DL

PEAK: 3 x 5 @ 85%

BASE: 5×5 (by feel)

(18 Minutes)

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