Tomorrow we will take on the Beep Test, also known as the multi-stage fitness test or PACER test. This is a running test used to estimate an athlete’s VO2 max (aerobic capacity). For this test, once we hear a beep we will run from a line on one side of the big room to a line on the other side of the room (20 meters of total distance) before another timed beep. As the test continues, the time between beeps gets shorter. We will continue running back and forth at the sound of the beep, until the test is over or you can no longer keep up with the beeps. You record your number of completed laps as your score. 


Things may feel confusing and chaotic tomorrow as your coaches warm you up and explain the details of the test, but please don’t let the potential for chaos dissuade you from attending class. There is so much value in putting yourself through this test and getting an honest assessment of your aerobic capacity. And really, there is a lot of fun to be had with this test, if you’re willing to embrace the challenge.


For data geeks, or growth-minded individuals, you can use this link to input your score and compare your VO2 max.


(background info on the Beep test taken from Wikipedia)




“The Beep Test”  – New Leader Board WOD!

20 meter Shuttle Sprints @ Progressive Tempos




A) 3 Rounds on the 6:00:

     (2:30 cap each round)

     R1: 500m row (gear 5)

     R2: 500m row (gear 4)

     R3: 500m row (gear 3)

B) Scap Mobility

C) 7 RFQ:

     2 Snatch balance + 2 OHS bottom-to-bottom w/2 sec pause at bottom


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