It is a common order of operations mistake when people attempt to do more in order to be more. This approach is short sighted and lacks personal context/sense of meaning. 

How would your personal well-being change if you were thoroughly accepting and acknowledging of your BEING before you began your doing?

When I accept myself just as i am, then I can change” -Carl Rogers

Stop trying to change so you can then accept yourself, aka, stop doing more to be more.

Invest in the being and let the doing flow from there:

  1. Decide what it means TO YOU to be more.
  2. Practice being content with what that looks and feels like.
  3. Then, behave in accordance with those values for your intended growth trajectory. 

A) AMMAP 4 Row – G3
B) 4RFQ :30:30
    Plate Good Mornings (45/25)
    Push Up
    Alt DB Snatch (55/35)
    Pull Ups
C) AMMAP 4 Row – G4

A) Full-Body Mobility/Dynamic Warm Up
B) CNS Prep
C) “Fittest of the Sierras 2013 WOD 3”
For total reps in 6 minutes:
30 Back Squats (155/105)
then, in time remaining: Max reps of G2OH (155/105)

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