In the few times I’ve been fortunate to have traveled abroad, I always felt somewhat self-conscious being an American in a foreign country.  It’s possibly rooted in what I perceive to be other countries perception of  how Americans are portraded in fictional stories; most notably we are loud, obnoxious and totally oblivious to customs and cultural norms.  

As some of you may know, I am currently in Australia representing the United States at the world triathlon championships. I’m competing against over 40 countries in my age group at the sprint distance event.  Last night we had a team meeting where our team director announced that already, three American athletes have been relegated for un sportsman like conduct  and ethics violations.  

I kid you not…

#1.  A male triathlete was riding his bike in the hotel hallways pulling down his pants while yelling to other teams to kiss his ass, yelling “they’re all going to lose”. 

#2.  Two junior female athletes posted on Facebook, wearing their team uniforms with the: #AmericanGirlsAlsoLikeItDownUnder…while pointing to their private parts. 

#3.  And this is my favorite one… A male athlete in his 60s was riding his bike to the race venue without a helmet.   This is against the law in the town of Brisbane and also a violation of the safety code in international racing.  But it gets better, a motorist was trying to tell him to pull over to the side of the road and put on his helmet. Captured on the drivers cell phone video, the cyclist proceeded to swear at the driver and flip them the bird,  then proceeded to ride away. That driver just happened to be the head race official for the international triathlon union.  The official was eventually able to identify the American athlete and he was disqualified from racing in the event…

Good on ya….Americans!

P.S…..Those bad apples aside… I have to say, I’m very proud of USA triathlon, their staff and all the other athletes that are here representing the USA with class and respect for the Australian people.


Franklin Hill Fitness Score

A) “Franklin Light Hunt”
Back Up
Back Across
Max Light Posts Score

(Rest 10 minutes)

B) 2 Intervals on the 6:00:
Franklin Hill Sprint 220m

“Fitness Score” is the total of your two intervals times on part “B”…divided by your Light Post Score on part “A”


A) Bench Press
BASE: 5×4 (by feel)
PEAK: 4×4 @ 80% “All Wheel Drive”

Row 500m
12 DB or KB Deadlift
12 Push-ups
12 Air Squats* 

* :30  static hold at the bottom of your last rep/each round. 


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