Ep 57: Jill Miller + Kenny Kane: Being a Parent to Different Families and Missions

Coach Jared brought his mentor Jill Miller (one of the most influential movement leaders and healers of our time,) and I together for his podcast to have to a raw, candid conversation about business, family, children entertainment and flat out struggle. 

During the show I realized that the decision for me to move on from stand-up comedy completely was largely based on a conscious choice to retire that part of me that needed to be liked. Jared and his co-host Alex are remarkable at holding the space for honesty and sincerity. Give it a listen and let us know what you think – I won’t be bummed if you don’t like it;)

Monday’s Workout
Practice Day

A) Hypoxic Work
Bike (3 min–25/5)
Row (3 min–25/5)

3 min Sled Push (window to wall)
Peak– Inhale, push after exhale
Base–Max meters (Nasal only, partner tag team)

5 Sumo Deadlifts (80 % ish)
8 (4 per arm) SA OH Sq. (DB)

Tuesday’s Workout

“Medcon Madness”
3 Rounds for Time Round
1: 40 Wall Ball (20/14)
30 AKB Swings (24/16)
20 Burpees 200m
200m Run 
Rest 2 min
Round 2:
40 Burpees
30 WB
20 KBS
200m run
Rest 2 min
Round 3:
40 KBS
30 Burpees
20 Wall Ball
200m run
Rest 2 min
(CrossFit Leeds Workout)

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