At Oak Park, we pride ourselves in training a diversity of skillsets and being able to do so both broadly and in depthly. Our speciality classes are a great opportunity to go in depth. Speaking of which, we are making some scheduling changes to one of the mobility and run classes. 

  • There will no longer be mobility at 7am on Saturdays. Instead, we will be having a 8am-830am mobility class on Fridays starting THIS WEEK
  • Starting NEXT WEEK, the 5:30 pm run class at the bluffs will begin at 6:00pm

Remember, what is great about our speciality classes (including breath and Yoga-ish) is that they are not only effective in and of themselves but each of their specific contents increases your overall athleticism and adaptability when throwing down in our Oak Park General Physical Preparedness classes. 

In other news, do you like listening to podcasts? If so check out my podcast Behind the Podium: Unveiling the Coach, particularly the most recently released episode in which Daniel Cortez (breath and mobility coach) was interviewed.

For those of you that just scroll down to see the programming, here ya go: 


7 RFT:
7 Thrusters (96/65)
7 Pull-ups

“Franklin Hill 100’s”
4 Rounds on the 9:00 of 4x100m every 90 seconds

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